Analzing News articles using graph algorithms

When analyzing company investments it is useful to group investors to understand industry patterns. The image below shows such a grouping for some recent invesments in the FinTech-space.

The company clusters are immediately visible.

Whereas useful, these relationships only capture the most basic data: companyA invests in companyB. More realistically, however, such investments happen in a context; for instance, the above image does not capture the fact that the investors and companies have implict relationships with each other. The image below takes these implict relationships into account:

Using Neo4J to analyze groups in this version shows different groups

As an example consider Google and Amazon. In the basic version they were not connected…

… however, Neo4J’s grouping algorithm put them into the same bucket

When we drill down we see why this grouping makes sense:

Google and Amazon are both active in the insurance industry. It is worth noting, that this relationship is not explicit but rather through respective partnerships and sub-companies:

Google own Verily which in turn has launched Coefficient Insurance Company, a company in the insurance industry. Amazon, on the other side, has partnered with Acko, also a company in the insurance industry.

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