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Devil’s advocate: cryptotax-startup Blockpit raised about nine million euros The Linzer cryptotax-startup Blockpit raised about nine million euros. Here are my five devil’s advocate pointers: Vertcial product: established players can extend their product with the Blockpit features. Currently, they are partnering with Bitpanda (see below). In the long term, however, such trading platforms can integrate that as a feature or white-label it. Small market: even though the crypto market is growing steadily, it is still a niche. Legal challenges: Until the crypto market is established, there will be many legal challenges. No product focus: Blockpit offers tax return and portfolio tracking Failing developer team: According to LinkedIn, Blockpit has only a few developers working for it. In addition, parts of the product – the cryptocurrency tax – does not work (see screenshot below) The Bitpanda network – partnerships Here are all the partnerships Bitpanda has established so far What can we see: They are growing their offering through partnerships Automated trading via bots is establishing itself as a trend (NapBots and Cryptohopper) Bitpanda is establishing itself as a serious provider by partnering with Raiffeisen Bank International The good and the bad with wajve wajve is building a finance app for