Mobile Payment market map for DACH-region

Mobile Payment & Digital Wallets

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Mobile Payment solutions market map for DACH-region

Mobile Payment market map for DACH-region

Reports and analysis about Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment market map for DACH-region

Banks, digital wallets, and the future of mobile payments

Today, mobile payments. Actually, digital wallets. This annotation is important because the analysis' centers around VR Bank HessenLand und Volksbank ...
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Recent news

  • 18. January 2018: Birch raises $1 Million: Birch is an app which – based on your spending history – recommends you the credit cards with which you would reap the biggest rewards. Although Birch is not from the DACH-region, I have included it here because it points at an overall “re-unbundling of payment”. Similarly to how FinTechs – after unbundling traditional banks – are slowly starting to re-unbundle (see ING-DiBa, N26, revolut: fairly good incumbents and FinTech re-unbundling ) again, we can observe a similar situation with mobile and digital wallets. Mobile payment apps (see Banks, digital wallets, and the future of mobile payments for an overview of different mobile payment apps) are similarly bundling different payment methods into one app. And in this bundling, the reduction of friction (e.g. choosing  cards that yield the biggest rewards, automatic redemption of vouchers…) will play an important role. Finally, in regards to “money” in general, I see Birch as another step into the move away from “money” to “financial management”. Birch, with its “reward-optimization” fits nicely into this theme. (Source: TechCrunch)
  • 18. January 2018MotionTag, among other things creating a “seamless” (i. e. zone-agnostic) ticket for public transportation. This makes them better than existing analog solutions. And, as for Digital Wallets to take it is required that they perform better than existing wallets MotionTag is an interesting examples for their adoption.
  • 15. January 2018: According to loyalty programs are “booming”. Although the magazine doesn’t specify what they mean by “booming” and although these cards are not necessarily used for paying, in the context of Mobile Payment & Digital Wallets an apparently increasing interesting in loyalty cards it is interesting news nonetheless; increasing amount of loyalty programs leads to fuller wallets and increased mental capacity: Each additional cards means an additionally heavier wallet and a more complex purchase process (i.e. choosing the right card). A virtualization of such cards could a) allow for automatic redemption of the right card b) make distribution of such cards easier c) make the wallet smaller. (Source etailment)

Mobile Payment solutions overview for DACH-region

Link to full table: Mobile Payment Solutions Overview DACH

Amazon Pay Active
Android pay Active
Apple Pay Active
avuba Inactive
Blue CODE QR code based digital wallet and mobile payment app Active
boon Mobile payment app, either with pre-loaded money or credit card integration Active
Cashcloud App for online/offline/P2P pre-paid payments app with virtual token (can be exchanged for money) and rewards/special deals. Comes with a credit card and uses an NFC sticker. makes paying extremely emotional ( and interactive (Cashcloud-specific coins can be earned by completing campaigns: Active
Clickanbuy Inactive
Cringle Active
Fidorpay Active
GO4Q tbd Active
Google Wallet Active
iPAYst Inactive
kesh Inactive
Laterpay Active
MasterPass Active
millipay Inactive
mpass NFC sticker based mobile payment app with campaigns Inactive
mpax Inactive
MUUME Several financial solutions, focused on shopping&buying Active
paij Seems inactive (website offline)
PayCash Several financial solutions, such as mobile paymet Active
paydirekt Active
Payfriendz Active
Paymey Crowdfunded payment solution for P2P payments, PoS, and online Inactive
PayPal Active
PEY Active
BankCard Mobil Stand-alone mobile payment app Active
RubeanPay Active
Samsung pay Active
SEQR Payment solution that offers online and offline payments, among others. No merchants listed yet Active
Skrill Acquired
Deutsche Bank Mobile payment as part of Deutsche Bank's mobile banking, acceptance depends on Mastercard's acceptance points Active
SQWallet Inactive
MyWallet (by Telekom) Mobile payment app developed by T-Mobile, supported also tickets and "Customer cards" Inactive
girocard mobile Stand-alone mobile payment app Active
girogo Active by Visa Active
Vodafone Smartpass Payments app, can be used for payments within apps (three apps available) money will be deducted from phone bill, has vouchers, can be used to purchase parking tickets and as car keys Active
YAPITAL QR based payment app, developed by Otto Inactive
Postbank wallet DB's subsidiary, mobile payment as part of their Postbank Finanzassistent app Active
Targobank Bezahlchip Active
TWINT Mobile payment app, with rewards, coupons and collection of stamps Active
Mercedes pay Payment provider for Merceds, acquired and previously called PayCash Active
Barclay PayTag Active
bPay Active
Payback Pay Loyalty programms apps that has added payment functionality Active
Netto Netto's dedicated app with payment functionality Active
Ali Pay Active
Edeka Edeka's dedicated app with payment functionality Active
VR Bank HessenLand und Volksbank Mittelhessen Mobile payment as part of their banking app Active (but pilot)