Avoiding, Reporting, and Shilling: Three strategies towards crypto partnership reporting

It seems to me that most crypto projects follow one of three strategies in their reporting of relationships:

  1. Avoiding: Being quiet about partnerships
  2. Reporting: Being deliberate about partnerships
  3. Shilling: Using partnerships for shilling and pumping the price

I have added shilling for the sake of completeness but its senseless practice and I won’t discuss it any further here.

Avoiding and reporting stand in contrast to each other; on the one side avoiding ensures an over-focus on price but lowers trust and transparency. Reporting, on the other side, although not intended, can lead to unexplainable price increases but helps the project to gain momentum. Although – as so often – the truth lies somewhere between avoiding and reporting I believe that we will see more granularity in the future (different news will be handled differently) and most importantly I take the view that in the long-run the crypto world will adopt best practices from the non-crypto industry.

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