Report about the future of headphones

Currently, most headphones are wireless, easily visible and mostly used for listening to music and making phone calls. In the far away future (30+ years) I believe them to change into devices that we use for direct brain-to-brain and brain-to-machine communication that allow us to send and receive information such as images or sound without any other input devices. The way towards this future will progress in several periods [1]:

  • Now (next twelve months)
  • Near-term (one to five years)
  • Mid-range (five to ten years)
  • Long-range (ten to twenty years)
  • Far-range (twenty to thirty years)
  • Distant (more than thirty years)

In this report, I have described how I imagine this future to unfold.

Click here to download The future of headphones report


[1] Time zones based on Amy Webb

Note that I am using headphones, earphones and, hearables (smart headphones, a category of wearables) interchangeably.

Featured Image from Harpal Singh:

Harpal Singh

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