List of already available hearables

As of now four hearables from four different companies are available. A whole lot more is, announced, you can find a list of tose here. The once you can already buy you can already by are listed below.

The Dash by Bragi

The German company Bragi has actually two hearables in tis portfolio; The Dash and The Headphone. (The Headphone is not yet available, so you can information on it in the “soon to be available list” here.)


The Dash by Bragi (Source)

The Dash has a battery life of 3 hours which can be expanded through the included charging case, 4GB internal storage and touch controls. These hearables have a nice set of features that makes them interesting for sports: They are waterproof, have biometric sensors for things such as heart rate, steps and duration. If you are not doing any sports you can mute environmental noise and handle phone calls through the earpiece. They also support head gesture control such as nodding. I have talked about my personal experience with the Dash here. You can by it for about $300 in white or black.

Gear Icon X by Samsung


The Gear Icon X by Samsung (Source)

The Icon X is similar to Bragi’s The Dash; it has also 4GB of internal storage, fitness tracking functions for speed, distance, heart rate and burnt calories and ambient sound control. Whereas you cannot control them with head gestures, they have touch controls and wireless synchronization with Android, S Health or other third-party apps. Also, they are cheaper than Bragi’s; The Dash ($299);  you can get them in white, black or blue for $163.91.

Hint+ by Motorola


The Hint+ by Motorola (Source)

The Hint+ is the successor of the Hint. Compared to the Icon X (Samsung) and The Dash (Bragi) the Hint is a very basic hearable: In terms of „smart“ features is solely supports ambient noice control. Other than that it is available in multiple colors, costs $129.99 and has a talk time of about 3 hours, with the included charging case it gets up to 17 hours.

AirPods by Apple


AirPods by Apple (Source)


What makes these hearables smart is direct connectivity to Apple ’s voice assistant Siri through tapping either one of the earbuds while in your ear and automatic connectivity to all your Apple device, meaning that you can instantly switch from listing to music on your Mac to listing to music on your iPhone.

Besides that, they have five hours of battery and cost $159.

Although the AirPods are specifically made for Apple devices they work with Android phones as well, however, instant paring will only work on Apple devices.

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